5 Costa Rica Facts You May Not Know

Costa Rica Volcano

Are you planning a vacation and aren’t sure where to go? Why not travel to Costa Rica?

You may not know that 25 percent of land in Costa Rica is dedicated to conservation. You will not find more beautiful landscapes or the nature of the jungles if you just took the same vacation to Florida you usually do.

Few places in the US compared to Costa Rica. So if you want to travel to this country, keep reading to learn about five Costa Rica facts you didn’t know before. Let’s get started!

Costa Rica has More Than 120 Volcano Formations With Seven Active Volcanoes

This country has plenty of volcanoes – more than 120 – that tourists could visit. You could even see seven active volcanoes.

If you want to see the second widest crater in the whole world, then check out the Poás volcano. Also, the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica is one of the ten most active volcanoes on the globe.

You should also visit the Rincón de la Vieja volcano. This particular volcano is surrounded by hot springs and waterfalls.

Don’t forget to travel to a volcano if you’re in Costa Rica!

This Nation Holds 5 Percent of the World’s Biodiversity

The best part about Costa Rica is its nature and the species residing in its jungles. The country holds more than 5 percent of the globe’s biodiversity.

While Costa Rica takes up only .03 percent of this planet’s surface, it includes a vast amount of biodiversity in its jungles.

About 750,000 species of insects are from Costa Rica and 20,000 different types of spiders live in Costa Rica as well.

More than 10 percent of the Earth’s butterflies live in Costa Rica. You’ll definitely love seeing all the beautiful butterflies flying across the sky when you visit Costa Rica.

Want More Costa Rica facts? Well, the Country Definitely Has Some Unique Ice Cream Flavors!

When visiting Costa Rica, you’ll find that the climate is hot and you’ll probably want to cool down with an ice cream cone. You will find some unique and interesting ice cream flavors as well as some downright strange ones!

You will find coconut, wild blackberry, peanut, and chocolate almond flavors. You could also come across chipotle blueberry ice cream and goat cheese or sour cream flavors.

The Country Lacks Street Names and Address

When visiting Costa Rica, you will find that there are few street names or addresses available. When people give out directions, they usually use landmarks.

You might be told something along the lines of “it’s the red house 500 meters south of the big tree.” So be aware that directions won’t be simple in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Has More than 50 Species of Hummingbirds

Out of the 338 hummingbird species known to mankind, more than 50 reside in Costa Rica. The smallest hummingbird in Costa Rica is called the male scintillant hummingbird and it weighs only two grams.

Out of these five Costa Rica facts, which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And if you have any questions about planning a vacation to Costa Rica, contact us here.

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