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Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Some might argue that it is the region’s over-the-top modern architecture and partially artificial landscape that calls people to visit this Arab metropolis; others might say that it is the shopping, the warm weather, maybe its inhabitants’ generous hospitality.

The answer to why so many tourists are visiting Dubai may remain puzzling for the remaining of times, but fact is that for the past few years, people from all over the world have been attracted to this shiny opulent arid Arab emirate like moths to a lightbulb.

Beyond its already mentioned alluring characteristics, this metropolis is also popularly known for its extravagant and often luxurious hotels. Whereas options may vary in shape, size and price, there are plenty of accommodation choices able to cater almost all possible needs and wants that stand out from the rest.

Here are our Top 10 hotel in Dubai.

Marco Polo Hotel Dubai

Found just 10 minutes away from the airport by car on Al Mateena Road, the Marco Polo offers its guests easy access to the shopping sector of Deira, as well as to the area’s market place or souqs. Usually frequented by business people, this option may seem quite sober at first sight, but that doesn’t take away the comfort found in its rather old-fashioned rooms.

This hotel offers room service, laundry, Wi-Fi, and restaurant service, along with facilities such as a pool, bar, fitness center, and parking, with prices starting at $70.

Centro Barsha

Located at just a short walking distance from the Mall of the Emirates, a metro station and approximately a 25 minute drive away from the airport, this modern and polished seven-story building offers room service, laundry, Wi-Fi and restaurant services and facilities such as a pool, fitness, bar, and parking.

The voguish styled 3-star hotel has a total of 243 carefully designed rooms, studios and suites with its cheapest room options starting at $71.

Ibis World Trade Center

Located at the Deira-end of Sheikh Zayed Road, and linked to the International Exhibition Center, this option makes a good stay for being right at the center of the city. Flat in its overall construction, yet neat and clean, this hotel offers room service, laundry, Wi-Fi in the lobby only, restaurant services, in addition to bar and spa facilities.

Rooms are rather miniature and despite being generally available at prices like $185 this hotel sometimes tends to drop its prices substantially for a starting tariff of around $70.

City Max Hotels at Al Barcha

Found at the frequented road at the rear of the Mall of Emirates, it is a 20 minute car drive from Downtown Dubai. This is a simple contemporary-looking hotel, housing 376 comfortable and well-equipped rooms starting at a price of $110. Including room service, laundry, Wi-Fi and restaurant services in addition to bar and spa facilities, probably the one disadvantage to consider is the noisy surroundings of its busy neighboring street.

Flora Albarsha

Nearby the well-known Mall of the Emirates and just a 10 and 30 minute drive from Jumeirah Beach and Dubai International Airport, the Flora Albarsha usually makes for a popular choice for Dubai tourists. Their large soundproof rooms are very well-supplied, comfortable and provide high-speed internet. It offers laundry and restaurant service, in addition to pool, spa, a fitness center, sauna and parking facilities, with rooms regularly starting at a price of $163.

Rove Downtown Dubai

Only 837 meters by foot away from the city center, this young-feel and social-media inspired designer hotel sets a different tone in comparison to the generally classy and somehow overbearing Dubai options. Casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere offer plain, but thoroughly equipped rooms for prices starting at $231. With a 24-hour mini-market, a play station area, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, a bar, fitness center, parking and, of course Wi-Fi, this calls for a laid back stay.

Hyatt Place Dubai, Al Rigga

Settled in the old district of Deira and just a 15-minute drive away from the city’s downtown, this 210-room and naturally lit quality hotel offers a quality stay. Pleasant and classy rooms, in addition to laundry, Wi-Fi and restaurant services and pool, fitness center and parking facilities rooms start at $286.

Manzil Downtown Dubai

Right in the heart of Dubai, this minimalistic design-conscious hotel proves to be an attractive choice for justifiable rates. Vogue Middle-Eastern details can be found in the spacious rooms that feature a view towards either the building’s swimming pool or the Bhurj Khalifa.

Services and facilities encompass room service, laundry, Wi-Fi and a pool, fitness center, bar and parking area for prices starting at $379; be on the lookout for noticeable price drops throughout the low-season.

JA Palm Tree Court

Overlooking Jebel Ali Island, this hotel presents an unwinding option allowing its guests to relax in this relatively semi-secluded area, amongst its gardens, streams and waterfalls. This luxury option offers a dive center and access to a golf course, and from seaplane tours to outstanding spa services, terraced rooms with a sea view, ample junior suites and privileged suite residence complexes. The hotel is more than suitable for families with prices starting at $566.

Jumeirah Al Naseem

Found on Dubai’s longest private beach, this resort is there to provide world-class service to its guests. Containing a seawater lagoon, three grand pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, bars, a sauna, a hammam, one of the city’s biggest spas and a restaurant, this facility offers your own intimate space within an already-concealed shorefront.

What about the rooms? Expect finding vast bright and terraced spaces facing either green gardens or the sea. Prices for this exclusive all-round resort start at $1,095 and might decrease to a large extent during the low season.

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