Costa Rica Food Recipes

Costa Rica Casado

Costa Rica food: just rice and beans?

There are various Costa Rica food recipes. The typical Costa Rican meal is made of black beans and rice. It can be served in various ways: mixed together for breakfast (gallo pinto) or served side by side for lunch (casado). Salad, white cheese or tortillas can accompany the dishes. Vegetables are often used in Costa Rica food: zucchini, zapallo, chayote, ayote, potato, onion, sweet red pepper…

Picadillos are a combination of vegetables and meat mixed together, with spices.

Ceviche is a popular appetizer made of fresh raw fish marinated in lime juice with veggies such as garlic, celery or hot pepper.

Olla de carne is a beef and vegetable soup. It includes potatoes, carrots, onion, yuccas, plantains…

Costa Rica food is not particularly spicy but is made with oil high in saturated fats. As Ticos don’t eat in excess, that kind of food can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

Costa Rica food recipes: drinks and desserts

Agua dulce is the traditional beakfast drink. It is made of sugar cane juice. Coffee is also a very important breakfast drink. For lunch, Ticos drink refrescos naturales, which consist of liquefied fruits diluted in water or milk. They come in a lot of different varieties such as canteloupe, watermelon, tamarind, mango, lime, passion fruit… Another common drink is the granizado, which is made of finely shaved ice and syrup. It can be served with milk or ice-cream. Guaro is the national liquor of Costa Rica and is made from sugar cane. It can be drinked as a shot or mixed with juice or soda. The most famous beer in Costa Rica is Imperial, an American-style lager. Other famous beers include Pilsen and Bavaria.

There are plenty of desserts in Costa Rica food: cono capuchino is an ice-cream cone topped with chocolate, mazamorra is a corn starch pudding, dulche de leche is a syrupy and caramelized milk, bolitas de coco are coconut cookies, atol de naranja is a sweet citrus pudding…

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