Fun Things To Do In New York

Fun Things To Do In New York

Finding fun things to do in New York City really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for family related fun, you can start with the plethora of museums and venues geared towards the younger generations.

A Global City

For tourists who are experiencing New York City for the first time, it is very difficult to miss the fact that New York City is a global city. The presence of the United Nations headquarters is just one of the indications of this. Because it is center for international diplomacy, and because it is the financial capital, not only of the United States, but of the world as it is, New York City is now recognized throughout the world as a symbol of capitalism and democracy.

There is one particular landmark in Staten Island that has become the icon of New York City, a symbol so strong that it is the first image that comes to mind at the mention of its name. The Statue of Liberty, a gift from the French to the Americans greeted immigrants who came to America with hope for new beginnings. Now it greets tourists and reminds them of the opportunities that America has to offer. It is a solid reminder of the American dream, which has transformed the lives of millions of people through the years.

New York City has one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world. However, the dizzying skyline is only one aspect of the city. NYC is an important global center for finance, culture, fashion, food, and art. There are five boroughs in the city, and these are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The city is densely populated and is in fact the most populous city in the United States. It also holds the distinction as the most linguistically diverse urban center in the planet today.

Always considered one of the nation’s premier destinations for work and travel, New York City has an abundance of things to do. Some attractions are famous worldwide, while others sort of sneak their way in. The following attractions are some things that will be worth your time to experience. While there are a number of delights in the big apple, try one, some or all of these fun and various attractions.

The South Street Seaport

For a unique and genuine New York experience, make sure you spend some time exploring the South Street Seaport. Here you’ll find yourself engulfed in maritime History as you walk into a bustling seaport with tall ships and old fashioned style docks and original port structures. The South Street Seaport also plays host to numerous street vendors and performers who have mastered the art at keeping you entertained. You’ll see jugglers, musicians, magicians, cyclists, comedians, actors, and just about every other talent just waiting for the chance to light up your world with awe and enjoyment. Here you’ll also find the opportunity to sail around Manhattan Island aboard an authentic tall ship, or any of the available smaller, more modern touring boats. And while you’re visiting the port, don’t forget to pay a visit to the many shops and restaurants, many providing some of the countries freshest and tastiest seafood.

New York South Street Seaport
New York South Street Seaport

Lots Of Distractions

For the adults looking for some fun in the big apple, you’ve got an unlimited supply of unique coffee shops, lounges, bars, and world famous nightclubs. Once you warm your stomach with a few of New York’s finest spirits, the options will keep rolling in.

New York has ample theatres to choose from. Watch a European style dance show, catch a few hours of superb acting, or drop into any of the many comedy clubs just waiting to open up and having you laughing until sunrise.

Speaking of comedy, if you plan on being in New York during the month of November, you may want to consider timing your trip so that you can catch the New York Comedy Festival. This event attracts some of the world’s funniest comedians and is considered by many to be the ultimate comedy experience.

In any event, finding fun things to do in New York City is not in any way a difficult challenge. In fact, there’s really no challenge at all. Because of the city’s enormous size you’ll quickly notice the bustling businesses make sure you’re fully aware of what they have to offer. This is quickly apparent as soon as you step into the busy streets and find information at every turn.

Things To Do In Manhattan

Tourists who visit New York City head straight for Manhattan to dine at world-famous restaurants and watch shows on Broadway. No matter what the source, Manhattan is considered as the center of the action, the place where tourists can have their fill of shops, restaurants, theaters, and bars. There are so many dining options in Manhattan, so much so that any budget can be satisfied. The nightlife offerings are also quite diverse. Lower Manhattan is an especially popular area.

Tourists who are visiting Manhattan for the first time can benefit from consulting online or printed guides to help narrow down the choices. Better yet, they can elicit the help of native New Yorkers or city residents who know their way around. This is where the Financial District is located. This is also where must-see museums and architectural landmarks are found.

Classic New York City Attractions

Manhattan may be the center of New York City’s tourist trade, but there are many other places outside of the borough worth visiting. In Queens, some of the most popular local attractions are Flushing Meadows and Citi Field. Further away from Manhattan is the Bronx, where tourists flock to see the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Yankee Stadium. On the off chance that you are going by NYC with your kids, one of the best things to do in New York is take them to the Bronx Zoo where upwards of 6,000 species are holding up to engage them. Another fun zone for children would be Staten Island where you can hit the shoreline and even observe family well disposed shows.

In Belmont is Little Italy and the South Bronx is a thriving haven for up-and-coming artists.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also known as the Met, this beloved collection of art is found right in the heart of the city. The Met is sprawling and definitely can perhaps be a little intimidating. There’s a neat roof top lookout where you can catch a breeze and look out into the busy city below. Constantly rotating and new exhibits are sure to keep it different upon each visit. This is a popular but really special place. So, expect a crowd but know that it is a must do in New York City.

New York City Ferries

You’ve seen it in movie after movie. Why? Because the New York City Ferries are pretty cool. An absolutely relaxing and unique way to see the city, the many ferries allow for easy transportation as well as sightseeing. Providing weather permits, it is hard to find a better way to see it for yourself. Skimming the placid waters surrounding the cities most notable structures makes it all real. As for most attractions in the city it can be elbow to elbow, off hours and off days are recommended to make it a pleasant ride.

The 9/11 Memorial
The 9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial

This incredibly important memorial to the thousands of victims of 9/11 recently opened at the sight of the devastating attack on the country. Masterful Architecture elegantly captures the mood of reverence, remembrance, and respect. A truly sad and important day is memorialized for all to experience.

Sunset Eco Tour To Harbor Heron Islands

Need an escape without going too far? This can be difficult in the big city. Taking the Eco tour is just the way to do so. The tours aren’t always running as it would be wise to call ahead. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable. The whole trip is about an hour and a half leaving plenty of time to get to move on to your next set of plans. A low environmental impact trip to witness the flocking of thousands of herons might be just what you need after the crowds have worn you down.

Top Of The Rock Observation Deck

The Empire State Building attracts large gorillas and huge crowds. Go if you must, but a lesser known way to admire the city is 70 stories up in the Rockefeller Plaza. Regarded as an even better panoramic view of the city, the observation deck tends to draw smaller crowds. There is a price of admission, but that entitles you to getting bumped ahead in line at other venues. This attraction is open all year and is meant for all ages.

High Line Park

Located on the lower west side of Manhattan, High Line Park is a great place to stroll with a friend or family member and sip a cup of coffee while being in the mix. A safe and inviting park for visitors and locals alike, this slightly elevated park puts you perched up along points of the city. A long stretch of infrastructure that became outdated, High Land Park has been transformed to beautify the city.


I know. I know. Everyone knows about Broadway. There’s a good reason for that. This stretch of roadway is pleasantly packed full of enchanting lights and an atmosphere unrivaled by anything in the states. A party atmosphere at day’s end allows for the grownups to play and grasp a piece of Americana while being drawn in to any of the forty professional theatres. Albeit it well known, you cannot truly appreciate Broadway until you plant yourself right in the middle of it all. Give my regards while you’re there.

Katz’s Delicatessen

The city is known for many things. One of those is the delicatessens. Probably the most famous is Katz’s. Founded in 1888, this Jewish style deli offers possibly the cities best pastrami. Holding on to its past as not much has changed over the years. A sign points down to the table where Meg Ryan pulled off her memorable deli scene in “When Harry Met Sally”. Aside from the hype and crowds, the food is just plain good. You’ll want what she’s having.

Katz's Delicatessen
Katz’s Delicatessen

Times Square

There are such a large number of sights to see that it’s difficult to choose where to go first. A standout amongst the most popular things to do in New York is to go to Times Square. While you’re there your eyes and ears can take in the sights and hints of the bulletins publicizing every distinctive store and brands. You may even catch a look at the Naked Cowboy who is dependably enjoyable to see! As you’re there look at the stores as well as the diverse individuals offering their specialty, you may locate a unique piece that could some time or another be justified regardless of a great deal of cash!

Central Park

Central Park has something for everybody and is awesome in each season. There are many strolling trails that take you all through the recreation center and past the distinctive man-made quiet lakes and lakes to the Great Lawn where you can extend and appreciate an excursion on an excellent New York evening. Why not take in the sights of some great creatures and visit the Central Park Zoo. Youthful and old will appreciate getting the opportunity to see the diverse creatures in the heart of New York. There are rides like the Carousel for you to appreciate too. Indeed, even in the winter Central Park is an incredible place to see, its wonderful shrouded in snow, and you can bring your skates and appreciate an evening on the arena!

Statue Of Liberty

Gifted to the country by France two years prior to Katz’s early arrival in 1886, this symbol means a lot of different things to different people. To many, it was the first sign they saw when they arrived at their new home in the United States. Not many landmarks carry the same weight as this mega structure. Right for all ages to witness, although the stairs up can be a little troubling for the elderly and young. This is yet another must see attraction in a city chock full of them. A great reminder for us that home is a place as well as a state of mind and that liberty and freedom are worked for. Security is tight. Bring only the basics to this attraction.

Despite for arranged New Yorkers, setting up an once-over of ‘Must Do Things’ in New York City for a first time visitor is an exceptional occupation. There are such countless to do in this manner many spots to go. Places like the Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge are on every visitor’s once-over. In any case, there are some valued activities that you basically ought to appreciate when you’re here.


The best part of being a traveler is your opportunity to enjoy a shopping spree. You can purchase presents for individuals at home and spoil yourself with a wide range of things. You can discover a portion of the best retail chains at Bloomingdale, Barney’s, Henri and Lord and Taylor. Amid the deal season, costs are top notch. For rebate shopping, you can’t miss Century 21, Gabay’s Outlet and Syms. In the event that chocolates are your thing, drop in at Jacques Torres boutiques, Hershey’s and La Maison du Chocolate (at Rockefeller Center). Truth be told, chocolate chasing is a standout amongst the most fascinating things to do in New York City.

Union Square Greenmarket
Union Square Greenmarket

Eat & Drink

On the off chance that you favor examining a portion of the culinary pleasures, NYC brings to the table, go to Union Square Green Market, where you can test new organic product, vegetables, heated merchandise, juice and significantly more for nothing. There are dependably slows down that are excited to give you a chance to attempt their free specimens.

There are additionally an enormous number (way more that you’d think) of bars that offer free sustenance on the off chance that you purchase a drink there. Here are only a couple that emerge. Shelly’s (8-15 Woodside Ave at 58th St). If you get yourselves a drink here just before 5PM anytime, you get the opportunity to take a great spread of sustenance. Counting meat filled pasta furthermore a couple veggie lover choices. Another every day one is Harbor (290 Hudson St). This offers less conventional however similarly as top notch sustenance, for example, duck-fat popcorn, broiled chickpeas and Chinese five-zest nuts just for the cost of your drink. Dell’anima ( 38 Eighth Ave) just have their offers running on Friday and Saturday evenings. Once you’ve brought a drink, you can help yourself an exceptionally liberal determination of nourishment including like barbecued vegetables, risotto and bruschetta.


The nightlife of New York is as differing as the city itself. There are such a variety of problem areas to look at that you will never have an exhausting night! You can look over a laid back jazz club to appreciate a drink or go out for a night of moving to the most blazing music at one of the immense clubs. In the event that drama is your decision you have a couple of alternatives to look at for an incredible a chuckle each night! Night owls will discover numerous things to do in New York, the city that never rests.

There are such a large number of things to do in New York that one will never have an exhausting get-away. Every time you visit there are more things to see and do that regardless of the possibility that you do a similar thing again you will appreciate it considerably more.

Despite the fact that you can spend a huge amount of cash in New York, there is bounty to appreciate for nothing. There are heaps of courses for you to find out about New York’s history, see its acclaimed structural structures and for the most part have an incredible time without spending loads of your well deserved money.

Another fun, free activity to do is to watch a live performance in one of New York’s many parks. You can enjoy the finest drama, opera, dance and music performances at the free warm-weather concerts the city has during the summer months. At the Summerstage events, you can watch some of the young performers of tomorrow perform during one of the many lunch time concerts. If you fancy going, Summerstage can usually be found Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield right off the 5th Avenue and 72nd Street entrance to Central Park in New York City. Enter at 69th and 5th Avenue.

And what about you? What are the best things to do in New York? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below!


South Street Seaport: Jan Ainali (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The 9/11 Memorial: Dave ZCreative Commons

Katz’s Delicatessen: Matt BiddulphCreative Commons

Union Square Greenmarket: Jazz GuyCreative Commons

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  1. NewYork, the city that never sleeps. I have never been to this city but I have always wanted to go to the big apple because I have heard so much about this city. Hopefully God’s willing one day I will get to visit this place and experience some of what this city has to offer. Many people travel here on a yearly basis. So for those who have had that experience that is great. One day I will be there also, Gods willing

  2. Well, your title says it all! I have always wanted to go to NYC. It just has this aura about it. There is so much to do and explore. I have really wanted to go during the holidays, to experience Rockefeller Plaza, and all the other attractions, fully decorated for the holidays. Yankee stadium is so iconic, even if you are not a Yankees fan, it would still be awesome to visit.

    What is the best way to get around the city? Is it taxies, subway? I suppose it depends on what you want to do.

    You really pointed out a lot of great attractions. I definitely need to add this to my bucket list!

    • I would suggest to focus on one single place you want to visit, and then walk around it. There are so much things to discover in New York, in every single street!

  3. Hey there! I really liked your article about fun things to do in new york. Spring break is coming and I wanted to go to new york with my family. This is very helpful guide so that we can able to visit every tourist attraction around New York city in just a short time. But I have a question though do you think that a week is good enough to visit new york city? I greatly appreciate your response.

    • No, a week is way too short, as there are so much things to discover in New York! I would suggest to focus on 3-4 places to go and stick to it. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I think the last time I was in New York City was when my friend and I went to a Cream reunion concert back in 2005. I’ve been to the Empire State Building, original World Trade Center, Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium and climbed the steps of the Statue of Liberty (when I was 12). I’ve also gone to a wedding reception in Chinatown and visited Little Italy to see where some of my ancestors first lived in the US. If I get back there, I’d like to check out the 9/11 Memorial and Flushing Meadows.

  5. Wow, there are a lot of things to do in New York. A friend used to live there and we were always talking about how I would take a one month break and visit her at the vibrant city.

    Well, she moved back home so there goes all my hope for a free/cheap lodging. Say, if I have a week, what places would you recommend me to see/stay so that I can have a bird’s eye experience of the city itself? Thanks for your tips.

    • Well there are so many options to find a place to stay in NY! Times Square would be perfect if you like places with a lot of people and lights everywhere. If you’re more like staying in an area where “real” people actually live, you could try Greenwich Village, Soho or The Upper West Side. And if you have a high budget, try Manhattan!

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