Renting A Car: Tips To Follow

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While on holidays, a car is your ticket to freedom! Following these tips will avoid you making common mistakes and will surely help you save some precious money!

Don’t rent from an airport: To avoid paying extra fees, rent your car from a suburban location to avoid extra costs such as drop-off fees.

Compare offers: Before choosing a rental company, perform an internet search to see the offers available. Check all the costs: fees, costy extras you don’t really need, taxes… A low price often hides other costs. You can use the search engine below this article: it’s a convenient way to compare prices among a lot of companies.

Call the company: Don’t rely only on the company’s website. Pick up the phone and call them. You’ll certainly have more details about the type of cars they have or if they have special offers. Ask them about the extras to check if they’re really worth the price.

Do you really need the company’s insurance? Car rental companies often offer their own insurance. You don’t necessarily need it:  check your car insurance or your credit card insurance to see what they cover for rented cars.

Look for deals: Search for a “coupon code” with your chosen company’s name on it over the internet to save some bucks.

Take photos: Take several photos of the car before you quit the parking lot. Don’t neglect even the smallest imperfection. It can help solve any dispute you may have with the rental company about the vehicle’s condition.

Do you really need a rental car? In fact it’s the first question you have to ask yourself. If you plan to stay on a beach all day long, it’s not necessary to spend your money on renting a car. Or rent it for just a day and use public transportation the rest of the time.

Refuel the car yourself: Generally companies offer to pay for the gas in advance, so you can bring back the vehicle with an empty tank. But in this case you’re going to pay much more than if you refuel the tank yourself.

Don’t hesitate! Once you’ve found a deal that suits you, book right away. Don’t wait too long, or the deal may disappear.

Start now! Use this search engine to find the car of your dreams! Compare prices, check your car’s complete specifications and book online.

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  1. I often visit Costa Rica and they must have the most expensive car rentals in the world, not the car it self but the insurance.
    Great tips and will try them out on my next trip to Costa Rica, particularly the one on taking photos of the car before leaving. I have lost my deposit before because they blamed me for something I didn’t do.

  2. These are all great ideas!

    I’ve been to a few different countries but never rented a car before. How much does the price differ from a low cost car to a premium car?

    Also I’ve never heard of companies paying for gas for you, how does that work? Do they just estimate the miles you’ll do then purchase that amount on a fuel card?

    I really love how you have the search feature built in to the page, that really is handy to not have to go and navigate away to search for your dream car!

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    • Thanks for your comment Aiden. Renting prices range from $40 for a small car to more than $120 for a premium car. Usually, you must pay the gas yourself when you rent a car. When you take the car, the gas tank is full. But you must refuel it yourself, otherwise you are charged for the refuelling.

  3. Very informative article! Renting a car is something that can cause a lot of anxiety and frustration, and I think your tips will help with that. Especially the tip about taking photos of the car with a camera before you even get in. The search engine is also a great feature and I think I will refer back to your site if I’m ever in need of a rental car. Well done!

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