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As one of the most famous cities in the world and a true symbol of South Africa, Cape Town is the second biggest city in the country, as well as the legislative capital. It also has one of the most fascinating locations in the world, right next to the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point of the African continent, in an immensely impressive natural scenery. Inhabited for centuries by native people, the modern city was founded as a trading post by the Dutch colonists on their way to the East Indies, back in the 17th century. Travelling to Cape Town, you will discover a modern and prosperous city, an icon for the whole continent and also a top tourist destination in the world.

Cape Town weather guide: The best time to visit the city is from October to May, with summer being pretty hot, but comfortable, from December to February. The winter season tends to be pretty humid and cloudy.

A lot to discover

Favored by its exceptional location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and on the backdrop of the dramatic Table Mountain, Cape Town has a wide variety of attractions and landmarks, both natural and cultural. Among the most important monuments of the city, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest building in the country and a beautiful example of colonial buildings, housing important historical and art collections, the South African Parliament offers interesting tours to discover the past of the country, while other landmarks such as the City Hall, District Six Museum, Maritime Museum, Rhodes Memorial, National Gallery, Two Oceans Aquarium and many others add to the charm of the city. Robben Island, located right off the coast, offers insightful tours as the place where political prisoners were held, including Nelson Mandela. Another beautiful area of the town is Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, a huge shopping, dining and entertainment area by the ocean.

A lot of things to do too!

In and around Cape Town, there are also opportunities to stay active and discover the magical scenery, starting with tours and hikes up to Table Mountain, including a cable car to the top, from where the outstanding panorama of Cape Town and the ocean is breathtaking. There are also several beaches in the city limits, where visitors can swim and try some water activities, including world class surfing. From the city, one could also choose from several interesting trips, to complete the experience of Cape Town, discovering the Cape of Good Hope, the Wine region surrounding the city, or the Cape Floral Region, to name just the most important. Cape Town has also been chosen as the World Design Capital for 2014, part of the recognition of the city as a world leader in design of modern urban areas. The progress that Cape Town has made into redesigning itself and becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a huge achievement, recognized by this award and celebrated through a great number of projects.

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  1. Wow man Cape Town has always been a dream destination for me, hopefully I get there some day it sounds so nice. Every person I have ever meet who have been there say the same thing: It is absolutely amazing! So I guess it is if everyone say that, it is the same thing with Iceland, EVERYONE say it is amazing and you have to go etc.

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