Travelling With Kids: 10 Tips You Must Know


Travelling with kids can be marvellous: it will open their eyes to new things and help them built memories they will remember their entire life. But it can be challenging too, or even scary… Following these tips will ensure you a safe trip with your beloved little ones!

1. Get your children involved in the trip: show them a map and some photos of the place you plan to go to, tell them to pack their bags themselves.

2. If you take a flight and your children are jetlagged, make them eat before going to bed. That way it will be easier for them to sleep longer.

3. While you travel, bring “surprises” for them (like a coloring or an activity book), and give them along the way: it will give them extra hours of happiness, and for the adults, extra hours of tranquillity!

4. Pack extra clothing just in case of… Also don’t forget wipes, hand sanitizer, band-aids, sun screen, doctors’ phone numbers…

5. Many hotels offer a lot of free stuff for children: books, board games, pool toys… Don’t be shy and ask for them!

6. If you’re planning to cruise with young kids, avoid cabins with a balcony (yes, you guess why…). Prefer family cabins, that you can often book at a discounted price.

7. If your children have allergies, make them carry a card, written in the language of the country you’re travelling to, with the things they’re allergic to and how serious the condition is. Check out Allergy UK to find allergy cards in 27 languages.

8. Encourage your children to keep a journal where they can draw the things they see. If you’re in a foreign country, write some new words you’ve learnt. Buy postcards of the different places you visit and keep small objects such as subway tickets.

9. Avoid risky food like food from street vendors, seafood or undercooked meats. If you’re suspicious about the water, drink only bottled water or bottled fruit juices. Wash your child’s hands frequently to avoid diarrhoea.

10. Have a daily schedule and stick to it. Make a reasonable itinerary, don’t try to do too much things and allow you and your children some time to rest. If the family members become to be separated while visiting a place, decide of a meeting point before starting your visit.

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