Why You Need to Visit Slovenia

Renaissance Castle in Predjama, Slovenia

Looking for an amazing next holiday? Instead of taking a trip to Barcelona or Venice like everyone else in your Instagram feed, why not visit Slovenia?

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about visiting Europe’s affordable best-kept secret, Slovenia.

See The History And Culture Of Ljubljana

Slovenia’s capital city is the perfect place to start your tour of Slovenia.

If you love artisan crafts, chocolates, and local designers, you simply have to give Ljubljana a try!

Start by taking a trip to the top of Ljubljana Castle, built by the Hapsburg family in the late 15th Century.

You can even sit and have a glass of wine in the courtyard if you need a break from climbing to the top. Be sure to check the calendar or ask workers if there are any special evening events during your stay, which can include traditional dancing and concerts.

You can tour the castle on your own or travel with a guided tour, as long as you give advance notice.

Best of all?

The castle is filled with a variety of exciting and unexpected museums. Our favorite is the Museum of Puppetry. Puppetry is an enormously important part of Slovenian culture and history, and you’ll have a chance to see how the art form evolved over time.

You can even try out some of the puppets for yourself!

Afterward, head to Prešeren Square, the main square of the capital and home to the incredibly beautiful (and famous!) Franciscan Church Of The Annunciation!

From there, walk across the world-famous triple bridge (be sure to snap a photo!) and grab a snack and some tea at some of the countless, English-speaking cafes that line the streets.

You’ll even see booksellers and other street vendors offering incredible deals on handmade items.

Don’t leave Ljubljana without visiting the Church of Saint Nicholas, with incredible painted ceilings that will make your heart stop.

Finally, be sure to take a picture with one of the many dragons you’ll see decorating the bridges of the capital city.

See The Postojna Cave

If you are able to visit Slovenia for longer than a few days, you simply must see the stunning natural wonder of Postojna Cave.

Located in Postojna, these caves are over 2 million years old and 14 miles long!

You’ll see a little over 2 miles of the interiors of the cave – and you’ll even get to tour part of them on an electric train!

The interior of the caves is lined with countless stalactites, which look like icicles that have been frozen in time.

Hint: The caves can get a little drafty, so we recommend that you bring a jacket and maybe a scarf. Or, you can rent a cape at the entrance to the cave.

Isn’t It Time For You To Visit Slovenia?

Slovenia is one of the most under-rated destinations in Europe. The majority of citizens speak English at an almost native level and are very friendly to tourists.

If you’re looking to combine fun, history, and beauty in a single trip, there’s nowhere better to do it than in Slovenia. Book your hotel now!

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